Uniform Dress Code, Revised

Okmulgee Public Schools


As in all schools, Okmulgee Public Schools have rules that we expect our students to follow.   One of these rules is our Student Dress Code.  What follows is an explanation of these rules.  Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school for answers.



Any student not in compliance with the Okmulgee Public School Dress Code will be sent home.  Student may change clothes and return to school, or a parent may bring the required uniform to school.  Communication with parents will occur from the school office in these situations.

Any work missed due to non-compliance with dress code will be the student's responsibility.


Lower Garments

  • Khaki or black slacks, shorts, skirts or capri pants
  • Dress belt is REQUIRED in black, brown, tan, or cordovan
  • Khaki means TAN or BEIGE in color
  • Lower garments must be worn at the waist line
  • No Sagging
  • No more than 2 fingers width between waist line and body
  • Pant length must be no higher than 1" above the ankle or longer than the top of the shoe and may not be tucked into socks.
  • Shorts and skirts cannot be more than 6" above the knee or a dollar bill length above the knee.
  • Capri pants must be of a formal dress style
  • No pajama pants, skinny jean, jean material, spandex, leggings or jeggings
  • No slits or holes allowed
  • All lower garments must have belt loops

Upper Garments

  • Polo style shirt with a color
  • Solid colors only in red, black, white or gray
  • No commercial logos allowed
  • Shirts must be tucked in
  • Long or short sleeve is acceptable


  • Underpants must not be visible (Shirt tucked in with belt worn)
  • Undershirts may only be of solid color in red, black, white or gray
  • Girls hosiery (meaning panty hose, not socks) must be either black, white, or tan in solid colors only


  • Outerwear described below is not part of the school uniform but may supplement the uniform in winter months or for those students of cold nature.
  • No accessories or flair are allowed with school uniform (bowties, ties, scarves, suspenders, etc)
  • Zippered or buttoned Tops such as hoodies, sweatshirts, or other outer tops may be worn in class only if:
  • Outerwear tops are to be unzipped or unbuttoned in the classroom
  • No hoods allowed on head indoors
  • Pull-Over Tops (whether hoodies, sweatshirts or sweaters) may not be worn in class
  • Polo shirt must be worn under the outerwear
  • Red, black, white or gray colors
  • No commercial logos
  • Other Winter garments (parkas, jackets, coats, pull-over tops, etc.) are to be removed and stored in school lockers or other designated area before entering the classroom.

Game and Spirit Days

  • Only players and cheerleaders may be out of uniform
  • Only players may wear jerseys on game day with regular lower garments.  Jerseys tucked in.
  • Cheerleader uniforms are permissible on game and cheer days for all Okmulgee Pulic School, OJF and community cheer squads.
  • Principals may implement an occasional spirit day in which the uniform shirt may be subsstituted with an Okmulgee Bulldog tee shirt.  Regular lower garments still apply


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