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Hi, I am Sheila Nelson. This is my t6th year teaching at Okmulgee Public Schools in the Multi-Resource room. I taught five years prior to joining Okmulgee Public Schools at Broken Arrow Public Schools in Special Education. While at Broken Arrow I taught the Autism Classroom 9th and 10th graders. I also Co-Taught Biology 9th and 10th graders. Prior to teaching in Broken Arrow I taught at Union Public Schools in the Special Education Multi-Resource Room.  Before teaching I was a Parofessional for thirteen years at Union Public Schools. 

I grew in up Okmulgee so the Bulldogs mean a lot to me. I graduated in 1973 from Okmulgee High. I've been married twenty years and have two children along with 8 grandchildren. I do live here in Okmulgee. I love teaching Special Education and feel very strongly that it is my calling.. My daughter was in Special Education when she was in school. I am lucky enough to have the experience of raising a Special Needs child. Having done that it makes it easier for me to understand issues of parents and students so I can best assist and teach.

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