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I teach 5th grade reading and language arts.  I truly believe reading can take you anywhere you want to go.  I have scaled mountains, travelled to exotic places, and solved decades old mysteries through books!  I hope to share my enthusiam for reading with my students this year and help them to take their own adventures through reading. 

Fifth grade reading instruction follows the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).  The objectives we focus on are:

Vocabulary: Greek & Latin Roots, Affixes, Content Clues, Antonyms & Synonyms, and Multiple Meaning Words

Comprehension/ Critical Thinking Skills: Author’s Purpose, Main Ideas & Details, Summarizing & Genralizations, Inferences & Interpretations, and Text Structures. 

Literature: Literary Genre & Elements, Point of View, Poetry, Figuarative Language and Sound Devices, 

In the upper elementary grades the instructional emphasis moves from learning to read to reading to learn and we will be using our reading skills to learn and research many things this year.  In addition, students will participate in a 40 Book Challenge.  Each student will be required to read a minimum of 10 books from a variety of genres.  More information will be sent home soon regarding the 40 Book Challenge.  

Language arts instruction also follows the Oklahoma Academic Standards.  We will begin the year with an emphasis on grammar, punctuation, and proper paragraph development.  We will write for a variety of purposes and across the curriculum.  For example, when students are learning about the 13 colonies in social studies we may write informative travel brouchures for the colonies. In second semester, and beyond, the writing skills of the students’ should improve and the expectation shifts to writing 5 paragraph essays.  All 5th students will take the OCCT Writing Assessment inn February. 

In fifth grade we focus on three modes of writing: 

Informational, Opinion, and Narrative writing.