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Mrs. Tinkham

7th Grade Math/8th Grade Pre-Algebra/Algebra I

918-758-2020 ext. 5129

Course Syllabus



Course Description:

The goal of this class is to develop fluency with rational numbers and proportional relationships.  Students will expand their elementary skills and begin to learn algebra concepts that serve as a transition into formal Algebra and Geometry.  Then they will apply mathematical skills using problem solving and make meaningful connections to real-life experiences. 

Daily Supplies: 

  • Pencil
  • Notebook paper (for assignments)
  • Spiral Notebook (for notes and examples)
  • Composition book (stays in classroom for math journal)
  • Headphone or Earbuds (for use when working on Chromebooks)
  • Calculator (optional)
    • ‚Äč7th Grade:  basic 4 function calculator that doesn’t have a +/- (positive/negative) key
    • 8th Grade:  scientific calculator (no graphing) such as TI30 or TI30XS
Students are responsible for bringing a pencil, spiral notebook for daily note taking, notebook paper, and homework to class every day or detention will be assigned.  Students may not go back to their locker after the bell rings.

Homework and Late Work:

  • All assignments are homework if not completed during class and due at the beginning of class the next day. 
  • Late work will not be accepted without permission from the teacher.

Grading Scale:

  • 100% - 90% = A
  •   89% - 80% = B
  •   79% - 70% = C
  •   69% - 60% = D
  •   Below 60% = F


  • When I am talking, you will not.  This includes all forms of noise making.  You must raise your hand and be acknowledged to speak.  No inappropriate language.
  • When I tell you to do or not do something, respond immediately and in a respectful manner.  Rudeness and disrespectful will not be tolerated.
  • Be in your seat with your homework out ready to work when the bell rings.
  • Do not get out of your seat without permission.  You will not throw away trash, sharpen pencils, or get a tissue unless I give you permission.
  • No leaving room once bell has rang for any reason.
  • Absolutely NO electronic devices allowed in room.  According to school handbook any devices that are visible will be confiscated if visible and turned in to the office.
  • All progress reports need to be returned signed for a grade.  A grade will be given for any progress report sent home and returned the next day signed by parent/guardian.
  • Always show all work or a zero will be assigned.  Work turned in must be numbered, done on notebook paper, and all steps taken MUST be shown (this is not scrap paper).  I cannot correct mistakes if I cannot follow how the work was done.
  • Always use pencil on all assignments or a zero will be assigned.  
  • No food, drink, or candy (including gum) allowed in the classroom.
  • No grooming items allowed in classroom.  I am severely allergic to many things such as lotions, Chap Stick (including Carmex) and sprays (both scented and unscented) therefore, I do not allow students to bring these items into the classroom even if unscented.
  • Respect the space of others at all times.  There should be no contact with hands, feet, thrown objects, pens, pencils, etc., under any circumstances. If it is not yours do not touch it.


All absent work is placed in the folder at the front of the room for all students absent.  It is the student’s responsibility to get what they missed.  Students have one week to turn in any absent work unless the assignment/test was announced in the presence of the student is due the day the student returns to class -- No extra time allowed.  Students need to make arrangements to make-up a missed test, either before or after school but not during class time, within one week of the absence before a grade of zero is entered into the gradebook.


I maintain a page on the Middle School website;, assignments and any important news regarding our class or school are updated weekly on this site so please check it often.  Grades can be accessed at any time via the online grade book,  If you do not have the access codes for your child please contact the office at (918)758-2020 ext. 5103.  This is a good way to keep informed on how your child is doing in each subject before it is too late to get the grade up.

“Your Grade Reflects the Amount of Effort Put Into It”

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your child’s education.  Please contact me via email or leave a message at 918 758-2020 ext. 5129 and I will call you as soon as possible.

Mrs. Tinkham





I have read the attached  Syllabus for Mrs. Tinkham’s math  classes.



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