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NORMS (rules)

In this classroom, the students agree to…

...follow directions

...respect themselves and other people prepared

...ask permission to talk

...keep hands, feet, and any other objects to themselves

Along with the building Norms my classroom has the following:

  • No food or drink in classroom (this includes candy and gum) – Water bottle only
  • No grooming items in classroom (brushes, combs, chapstick, lotions, etc.) – Teacher allergic to things that are scented and unscented plus they interrupt the students learning
  • Do all work in pencil AND show all work or a zero will get a grade of zero
  • No backpacks allowed in classroom – this is a safety issue 
  • Do not ask to leave the room for any reason.  If student is needed they will be called for.  Class time is for learning so students will not be allowed to go to the bathroom or lockers during this time.


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(918) 758-2020; 5129

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